The Dark Days Are Over

Ya ya ya, I know I have been missing for a month or so, but can I just explain? When I returned from Amsterdam some stuff went down. I advise you to read the next part aloud in a single breath, not only will it increase your lung capacity, but it will make my writing abilities seem better. And...begin.

Within the span of two weeks Tyler and I went on quick little vacation to Kona, all the airplanes left us so we were trapped for a week or so {as trapped as one can be on a magical island}, we got desperate, dug a hole through the earth back to Seattle, packed up our slimy summer apartment and drove our little bums all the way back to Utah. To top it off, my computer exploded, and no I could not have just gone to a library to blog because I was in mourning for all my lost images, documents, music and what not {I learned I am way to dependent on my little mac, I wore black for a whole month}. While dealing with this grief, I unpacked my whole house and tried new hobbies with my girlies but that quickly turned into watching Netflix and eating hot cheetos.

Good news, my little aluminum baby is back from the dead and ready to rock.
Bad news, I am moving on Monday down the street and have to pack it all up again.
Good news, it is the cutest little house with a quaint little yard and I can't wait to decorate it.
Bad news, Tyler works all week so I will be doing this alone.
Good news, it's my birthday on Saturday.
Bad news, I am turning 25 and I don't want to talk about it.
Good news, I have two birthdays {long story, i'll tell you about it later}.
Bad news, I am turning TWENTY FIVE!

So you know what? Sue me. I'm here now. Is that okay?

Can we move on from this or have I lost you?

Just come back because I have some cool things to tell you. Promise I won't leave again.

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  1. My mac broke down on me too, and thankfully it wasn't the motherboard and was easily fixed. Are you sure you can't fix yours? We made sure to get a back-up system just in case it happens again. Sorry it happened to you. :(


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